Offspring litter Kamnene Makena X Zaxxon’s Delightfull Davidoff.

Ridgevalley Diamond In The Sky.

Sky is a beautiful girl, that lives in our kennel, she has  a beautiful long ridge with 2 crowns.
Sky has a great temperament, she is always happy and all the dogs loves her.

Ridgevalley Noa Dutch Diamond.


Ridgevalley Huba Dutch Diamond.

Huba’s nickname is Harry (Har) and lives with Marcel en Kathelijne.
Har is there first dog together and they have doing a very good job to raised Har into a very ballance, sweet and happy girl.
Har is a great girl with a good temperament, she have een beautiful long ridge with 2 crowns, Har is growing up into a very nice looking RR and we are very proud to bred a dog like Har.


Ridgevalley Kovu Dutch Diamond.

Kovu is certainly a brother from our Sky, they have the same character, and the same looks.
The first time that we have this boy in our hands we were in love of him.
Kovu have a long ridge with 2 crowns, good in body and he have a great character.
Kovu lives with Sylvia en Joost.


Ridgevalley Basu Dutch Diamond.

Basu lives with Mieke en Ralf
Basu is a very good looking boy, he has the looks of his half brother Farouk.
He has a good temperament, a long ridge and 2 crowns.
Basu is a typical RR, he is well balanced in body with a very good angulation and a strong topline
He is showing one time on the RRCN Clubshow and he was aword with best baby male.
Showing was not there thing so they have done it one time but we are very proud of that one time with the great result

Ridgevalley Kumba Dutch Diamond.


Ridgevalley Figo Dutch Diamond.