Roepnaam: Bukeli
Stamboomnaam: Sonstraal Chocolate Breeze
Vader: Aust Ch. UK Ch. Chilolo CJ Someday Sam
Moeder: Sonstraal Miss Marple of Gabisa
NHSB 2689669 imp. UK
Geboortedatum: 02-09-2007 – 26-04-2010
Gewicht: 35 kg
Schofthoogte: 65 cm
Houder: 1x res C.A.C. // 1x C.A.C.I.B.



A black day in our lives ..

Our dear Keli is no longer with us. After a hard time of research and operations,
we got the bad news that Keli suffering a bone tumor. What at first seemed like a worn ligament was worse than we ever have expected.

We have tried everything to make Keli better but here disease was stronger than us.
With pain in our hearts we have let here go to the eternal hunting fields.

We will missing her terribly, but Keli will always be in our hearts,
and we remember her as the sweetest girl ever.

Dear Keli, we will never forget you, you wil stay forever our little girl.

Leon and Ilse and your dearest friends Makena & Farouk