We proudly present the litter between our 2 beautiful Ridgebacks,
INT BE NL CH Ridgevalley Farouk African Jewel JWW’11 & INT CH Chilolo Image Of Fire Red Ruby NJK’12   (Imp Aus) 


If you are interested in a puppy of this wonderful combination, feel free to contact us.
We like to meet new puppy people before the pups are born.

Multi CH Ridgevalley Farouk African Jewel JWW’11
Date of Birth: 12-01-2010
ED 0/0 Free
Height: 68.5 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Owner: Leon Aarts, Ridgevalley
Breeder: Leon Aarts, Ridgevalley

CH Chilolo Image Of Fire Red Ruby (Import Australie)
Date of birth: 11-06-2011
ED 0/0 Free
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Owner: Leon Aarts, Ridgevalley
Breeder: R. Green & E. Marshall, Chilolo Australie

Farouk is our first home bred dog, he is a beautiful outstanding dog.
In body and soul he is typical Ridgeback
He loves to play with the girls, swimming in the water, and run across the heathland with his dogfriends.
Farouk is a one in a million dog, he has a big will to please to his owners.

Ruby is born in the Chilolo kennel in Australia.
Ruby is the best girl ever, she never will do someting that makes you think ‘oke I don’t like that what you have done’
She never will ask any attention, she always waits for her turn, until her boss says it is good.
Only food, that is what Ruby likes the most, nothing is safe when ruby is around food. And we like it,, that is our Ruby <3
The reason that we have imported ruby to The Netherlands, is because Ruby has a wonderful pedigree with outstanding bloodlines.

In 2015 we have done the same combination between Ruby and Farouk.
This was our dream combination and our expectations came true, we had a beautiful litter of 13 puppies
Unfortunately two girls were stillborn
We had eight boys and four girls, and they do it very well with their new family
Our youngsters have a great caracter, they eager to learn, and 1 brother and sister have ther first titel, Youth Winner/Winster 2015 at the Amsterdam Winner show and Dutch Junior Ch before they were one year old *proud breeder*
For more info about the litter from 2015 look at the page ‘pups 2015’

Pics of the offspring litter 2015

On 25 en 26 January we had 2 beautiful matings between Ruby and Farouk.
If all goes well we expect the puppies end of March.

Pedigree of our D Litter pups:


We are very pleased that the pregnancy of Ruby is confirmed by ultrasound.
Ruby is doning great, we are very happy and we look out for a nice bunch of puppies.
Pups expect end of March.


Ruby is on the pic 35 days pregnant, and she is doing so good, Her babies grow and grow and I think Ruby is looking fantastic. We cant wait to see the babies from Ruby and Farouk



25-03-2016 Our litter between Ruby & Farouk is born!!!
Ruby have done a great job, she gave birth to 12 baby’s, we are very proud of her.
We are very happy with the facts of this beautiful litter.
We have 7 boys and 5 girls, all with beautiful long ridge, 1 girl with 3 crowns, 1 boy with 3 crowns, no kinky tail. Ds will be checked later.
The baby’s are doing great, the day after delivery the are all turn up in weight.

Our babies are doing very well.
The eyes are already slightly open.
Mom is teken a good care of her babies.


Our babies have left house.
It was a busy 8 weeks of fun !!
We are very pleased with the new puppy owners.
We want to thank these people for their trust in us and our dogs
And that they believe in the qualities of our dogs.
We wish our puppies an amazing beautiful life, you’ve all got a wonderful new family !!

Kisses  Leon & Ilse